Visit Door County's Unusual Mushroom House

mushroom house 1
Photos by Simply Put Photography

The Door County Mushroom House is an amusing, intriguing, fascinating, whimsical structure.

It's a mysterious underground abode that looks a bit like a home for a hobbit. Rumors suggest that the Door County Mushroom House may have been built by an artist or an architect who once used it as a summer home. Sadly, the Mushroom House has been abandoned for some time now, and is deteriorating from neglect, weather, and vandalism. The Mushroom House is located near Fish Creek in Door County on private property.

mushroom house 2
Door County Mushroom House photo by Simply Put Photography

Mushroom Houses are also in Charlevoix, Michigan!

If you are fascinated by the Door County Mushroom House (and who wouldn't be?) you may also be interested in the Earl Young Mushroom House across Lake Michigan in Charlevoix, a beautiful destination in Northern Michigan.

From 1918 through the 1950s, Young built 30 stone homes in Charlevoix and each is so unusual, they are considered works of art.

The houses vary from tiny to huge. Many have undulating stone walls capped by a mushroom shaped cedar shake roof. Windows are framed with boulders. Chimneys have frosted stone caps. Doorways are lined with massive stones.

Young's mushroom houses bring hundreds of visitors every year to walk through Charlevoix and photograph the houses. The chamber of commerce and the Harsha House have brochures that outline a self-guided Young tour.

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